Power Generation

For several years, it has been emphasized increasing attention on renewable energy sources, which contribute to energy needs required by the man with the least environmental impact.

For customers who operate in this sector (Voith, Andritz, Siemens and Ansaldo Energia), we supply forgings, pressings and rolled rings, fully finished machining, including (where applicable) UT, MT and PT tests.

Our machines fleet allows us to work cast parts and metal structural works, reaching a weight of 50 Tons, maximum outer diameter of 6000 mm and maximum height of 4000 mm.
Thanks to the new vertical turning center Schiess "Vertimaster VM4", in addition to turning, drilling and milling, we are able to grind big dimensions items, ensuring a high quality standard.

All supplies are
handled by our Quality Department with the utmost care and attention to the specific requirements, ensuring a final product that fully meets the needs of our clients. Some of our products are exaust casings, conical casings, Pelton, Francis and Kaplan turbines, guide rings, compressor discs, seals, shutter rings, labyrinth rings and other components for this sector.