The long experience in the field of machining has made possible to reach a great aim: to provide fully machined items for Aerospace Sector.
Thanks to the work and cooperation of all our staff, Officine Dal Zotto was chosen as the accredited supplier of important companies worldwide in the field of aerospace propulsion.

Some examples of our production are used on VEGA launcher (see video here below), designed to carry into orbit loads up to 2000 kg and developed jointly by the Italian Space Agency and the European Space Agency.

The launcher is formed by a four stages body, about 30 meters high, with a diameter of 3 meters and a takeoff weight of 137 tons.
We are present in this project with the supply of rings, installed in each stage, completely finished machined and Alodine surface treated.

From this experience and thanks to the acquired skills, we are proud to have been chosen to collaborate on the development of some items of the Ariane 6 project, for which we are currently developing some prototypes.



Ariane 6 - Latest Space Launcher