Quality System


Since 2001 Officine Dal Zotto is certified according to current standards UNI EN ISO 9001 by the international board DNV (Det Norske Veritas).
Thanks to this experience, to keep on improving and diversifying, in 2011 we reached an other big aim, obtaining the ISO 9100 Certification for Aerospace sector.

For all our team these certifications are interpreted as "guidelines" that define and certify the requirements for the construction and the putting into practice of quality management system, in order to manage business processes, improve efficaciousness and efficiency in the product realization and service delivery.

How is your product managed? By the CERTIFIED Quality System Dal Zotto.

Officine Dal Zotto guarantees a high quality standard product thanks to a precise process, applied to each contract.
  • Each request is analyzed by the commercial dept. in collaboration with the technical office, in order to focus on the technical and quality requirements.
Purpose: to reach the maximum efficiency for having lower costs and bigger benefits of customers.
  • The production starts from the rough piece, carefully selected among forged, rolled, molded or welded structure, all of Italian origin only.
Purpose: to identify the most suitable manufacturing process of rough material to achieve the requirements, with the right balance quality / price.
  • Before beginning the machining process, careful checks are always performed on the values ​​of the mechanical properties and chemical components (3.1 certification) in reference to the requirements and / or standards that govern each type of steel.
Purpose: to avoid that rough pieces with different metallurgical characteristics from those required, enter into the machining department.
  • Machining of rings, flanges, discs, valves, shafts, etc. ... are performed on Numerical Control centers supported by CNC programs previously carried out by the technical office, by the use of CAD CAM system.
Purpose: all machining processes must be carried out in the shortest possible time and with the maximum guarantee of success. The CAD CAM system allows us to anticipate any issue minimizing downtime.
  • Quality control: machined parts are subjected to dimensional control by the use of most recent tools (for ex. Lasers). A copy of the report is always delivered to the customer.
Purpose: every client should have the opportunity in any time to compare the actual quality of the piece with what we have certified on the quality reports.
  • Non-destructive tests: we carry out non-destructive tests such as UT, MT, PT and VT.
Purpose: to ensure a product free from defects.
  • Special processes: if required, thanks to the long-established partnerships with specialized companies, we can offer processes for surface treatment, heat treatments, coatings and paints.
Purpose: to deliver to the customer a completely finished product sparing him additional costs due to separate management.
  • Every step of the production cycle is followed by our internal staff which, if required, will handle inspections in the presence of the customer and/or an external organization.
Purpose: to provide assurance that everything is being followed in accordance with the standards agreed.